Gain Music Fans Through Instagram
Gain Music Fans Through Instagram

Gain Music Fans Through Instagram

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ūüďĚ What you can expect:
‚úÖ On average 750-2000 Instagram followers every month
‚úÖ Strategy to targeting your ideal customers
‚úÖ Organic and Real Engagements

ūüďĚ What we need from you:
‚úÖ Access to your Instagram account
‚úÖ Information on your profile/business and target audience
1. We gain access to your account and register it to our customized algorithmic system.
2. We find your audience by finding similar artists to you, we then target their fans and get them to follow your account.
3. We interact with the target audience by Following, Liking, Commenting, etc. to increase engagement.
4. We provide statistics so that you can check your social media accounts growth.
5. We never do anything unethical with your social media account because we know how important it is to protect your brand.
6. On average our clients grow a minimum of 750-2000 Music Fans per month. This is on average, you can potentially gain more depending on the quality of your content. 
7. We only charge $50 per month for this service (if you subscribe), you receive your Music Fans at an average of 0.07 cents per person, whereas if you purchase Instagram promotion directly from Instagram they will charge you at least $2 per fan!